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Our Bonaire Talk Privacy Policy

Last Updated: January
25, 2005

Bonaire Talk Community, Inc., a non-profit public charity which operates the BonaireTalk Web site, is sensitive to protecting the private information that our users and visitors provide to us. We also want you to have the opportunity to obtain interesting and useful information through BonaireTalk. The loyalty of our visitors and users is very important to us and we hope this policy will underscore our commitment to making sure your experience on Bonaire Talk is a good one.

This Privacy Policy describes how we treat information received about you when you use the BonaireTalk Web site.

This policy is organized into the following sections:

Please read the Privacy Policy carefully. Also, please remember that no computer system should be considered safe from intrusion. E-mail may pass through many computer systems, and should not be considered a secure means of communication unless encrypted. Even then, information is only as secure as the encryption method. Therefore, although we take many precautions to protect our system and our servers, we cannot guarantee the security of any data on any server, including "secure servers."

Customer Information [Back to the Top]
Customer information is information such as name, address, telephone number, and credit card information -- information that identifies a particular individual or business. BonaireTalk may collect and store customer information in the following ways:

As part of a customer's registration for the BonaireTalk Web site, customers must provide their user name, address, telephone number(s), company name (if applicable), and credit card or other billing information.

If you purchase other goods or services from BonaireTalk, whether online or not, we will also collect your billing information.

How We User Customer Information
The customer (same as "participant") information that we collect during the normal registration process is or may be used:

  • As part of your on-line profile for anyone to see. You have control over how much of the information you provide will be visible to others, with your e-mail address being the bare minimum accessible should you chose to not participate anonymously;
  • For billing purposes where such apply and you have agreed to a purchase; and
  • For contact by Bonaire Talk Community, Inc.

Information you provided as part of the normal registration process and have opted to make available to anyone will be available to anyone who uses your on-line user name to look at your profile. All other information you provide as part of the normal registraton process or any subsequent information submittal is kept on limited access computers and is only available to those employees who have a need to know.

  • We provide some information to companies that we use to perform certain functions for us. These companies are authorized to use this information only for the expressed purpose of completing our business and are not authorized to release this information to other third parties.
  • Occasionally, we may use our customer database to distribute our newsletters or important notices to our customers
  • We will share customer information with the authorities when legally required to do so, and may cooperate with these authorities investigating claims of illegal activity such as (but not limited to) illegal transfer or use of copyrighted material, or postings or e-mail containing threats of violence.
  • On rare occasions, we may need to disclose some customer information to other service providers or in public fora, when a given customer is making him or herself a serious nuisance, or posting libelous statements, or otherwise causing harm.

Except under the limited circumstances described above, we do not disclose customer information to third parties.

Please note that customers posting messages in publicly viewable areas of BonaireTalk grant Bonaire Talk Community, Inc. a perpetual license to use these messages in any way Bonaire Talk Community, Inc. sees fit, providing the meaning of the message is not significantly altered in meaning. Bonaire Talk Community, Inc. and its designated moderators reserve the right to edit any posted message for content, remove messages, and move message threads, among other things, as deemed necessary per newsgroup and company policy. No other entity is granted any rights to these messages, and these messages may not be republished anywhere without either the written permission of each individual message originator and/or Bonaire Talk Community, Inc..

Changes to Your Customer Information
You should notify us of any change in your account information, by updating your user profile on the BonaireTalk Web site. We reserve the right to delete any registrations and user profiles for which an e-mail address has become invalid and/or permanently non-functional.

Web Site Use and Navigation Information [Back to the Top]
Each time a user visits our Web Site, certain use and navigation information is collected by our servers. This information is stored in log files for a period of time. It tell us how our web sites are being used and navigated, including the number, frequency and duration of visits to each Web page.

Web site use and navigation information that we collect may include the domain names of visitors who are not BonaireTalk customers, and the IP address from which the visit took place. We may also track other activity information on our customer's activities.

How We Use Web Site Use and Navigation Information
We use the aggregated information to improve the content and navigation features of our Web site. We also may use the anonymous, aggregated information to enable our partners or advertisers to evaluate whether to post advertising banners or other material on site.

Cookies [Back to the Top]
Some BonaireTalk web pages make use of browser "cookies". Cookies are files written to a user's hard disk and read by server programs to inform a Web site if the user has previously visited that site. We use cookies only where it adds convenience to the user, such as remembering usernames and passwords for certain parts of such web sites.

Companies who advertise on our web site may also use cookie technology. We do not control the use of cookies by our advertisers.

Changes to BonaireTalk's Privacy Policy [Back to the Top]
We may make changes to this policy from time to time. We will post changes to our Privacy Policy here, so be sure to check back periodically. We may also decide to notify our customers by e-mail of significant changes and/or post such notices in our discussion group.

Questions, Comments, or Concerns [Back to the Top]
If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our Privacy Policy you may contact us at

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