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Bonaire Talk: Bonaire FAQ: Electrical usage
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The default power from an electrical outlet here on Bonaire
is 127 Volts AC at 50 Cycles (or Hertz or Hz). This doesn't really match either the
power requirements of most European appliances (220V, 50Hz) or American appliances
(110V, 60Hz), and while both European standard and U.S. standard outlet connections
are visible in just about all Bonairean structures, it's not always clear what
voltage the outlet is running at, so it's important to check this with whomever
operates the house, hotel, apartment, etc. that you'll be staying in.
Assuming you have a 127V outlet (which looks like a U.S. standard outlet typically),
most resorts have transformers available for rent for your more sensitive plug-in
appliances, such as battery chargers. Such transformers can also be bought in local
stores such as Kooymans, Inpo, and Playa Trading for between $50 and $100.

Some things may be plugged into a 127V socket directly without a transformer, as
long as you understand that some U.S. voltage specific devices may run warm, and may
burn out if left plugged in for a long time. Note that many notebook computers
already have universal power supplies and should work fine plugged into any outlet
(check with your manufacturer or your notebook power supply for details) .

However, it is also said that Bonaire is occasionally "generous" with its power, and
surges and brownouts are not uncommon. If you plug anything electronically delicate
into a wall outlet, it might not be a bad idea to have a small surge protector in
between. These are available at most consumer electronics stores, such as Radio

{thank you Grunt for this information}


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