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Bonaire FAQ: Lionfish Protocol
Bonaire Talk: Bonaire FAQ: Lionfish Protocol
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1. You can get lionfish markers at dive shops. The lionfish marker
should be tied to nearby DEAD coral.

If you have corks, you can bring them by STINPA or CIEE for them to
use in making more markers.

2. To report Lionfish sightings and placement of your marker you can
do one of the following: report it to your dive operation or you may
personally call STINPA or fill out the online form.

Call STINPA at: 717-8444

Or use the STINPA online form at:

Or you can access the online form through a link on the CIEE website:

It is extremely helpful when providing your sighting/marker location
information to include a prominent reference point such as a dive boat
mooring. Also include the direction (north or south from that point)
and estimated distance (in dive time or in feet/meters) to the
lionfish marker. If shore diving and you do not use the boat mooring
as a reference point, please point out a prominent land monument if
available. If an unusual underwater feature is near-by (small wreck,
etc.) it may be used as a reference to aid locating the marker.

3. Regarding old markers, there may or may not be a lionfish in the
vicinity and the marker location may or may not have been reported to
STINAPA. Some old markers still indicate the location of a lionfish
that has not been captured. We have found lionfish on markers that
have been in place for over two months ?€? so please do not remove any
markers. Lionfish may be as far as 50 feet away from the location of
the original marker. Someone on the lionfish capture team will
investigate and remove the marker after the area has been thoroughly
searched and no lionfish found. If you find an old marker you can
report it to STINAPA and, if needed, they will add it to the lionfish
list for the capture team to investigate.


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