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Bonaire Talk: Bonaire FAQ: CRIME information
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Bonaire, like most other places does have petty crime,
mostly thefts of opportunity from vehicles and rooms. A few common-sense
precautions should minimize the likelihood of you being a victim of petty

o When leaving your vehicle at a dive, snorkeling, wind-surfing or
kite-surfing site, leave the doors unlocked and the windows rolled down so
windows aren't broken to get into the vehicle.

o Never leave anything of value (even minimal value) in the vehicle that
you wouldn't want stolen, because if it is in the vehicle, it might be
stolen. (The ONLY exception to leaving things in the vehicle, it is
acceptable to leave scuba tanks in an unoccupied vehicle because these need
to be filled to re-use somewhere and each is marked with the owner's

o If your accommodations have a safe, lock all valuables in the safe when
not being used. If unable to lock in a safe, do not leave out in plain view
when not in use. This applies to cameras, computers, radios, telephones,
passports, money, etc.

o Lock the doors when leaving your accommodations and close (and if
possible, latch) the windows, even if just for a few minutes and/or "just
going to the pool". Remember, not all guests at the accommodation are
honest (and if a theft happens, it isn't necessarily an islander).

If something should happen to you, Please report it to the police. If this is not done the police will not know it has happened. The more that is reported the more help will become available.


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