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ALM Letter Campaign -

In view of the recent dramatic developments (see postings in this topic category) regarding ALM, we would like to urge that all of those who have/will depend on ALM to get to and from Bonaire make their voices heard with the air transportation regulating authorities. And the time is in the next few days.

Please consider writing to to motivate the government of the Netherlands Antilles to take immediate, serious and far-reaching action to rectify the service problems of ALM.

As with all such correspondence requesting action, your words will be most effective if they are...

Provide a motivation for action
Recommend specific actions.

It is probably not necessary to recount in specific detail the problems you have had with ALM, but a general statement is appropriate, i.e., missed connections, inattentive service, failure to notify regarding a cancellation, etc.

A polite, positive tone is appropriate and focusing on ALM service to/from Bonaire only will be most effective.

Providing a motivation for action is critical, i.e., to sustain the flow of critical tourist dollars to Bonaire. And, specifying a recommended action (instead of just a litany of complaints) lets the government know you are interested in action, not just a listening ear. Specific actions might include a government-led step-by-step improvement program for ALM, with specific dates and penalties attached; soliciting bids for the air service from other carriers; considering passenger ferry service to/from Bonaire with a vessel capable of handling the waters in a reasonable transit time; etc.

If you can see you way clear to do so, by all means list your home city, state and country. The recipients need to realize that people from all over are concerned and that tourist income from all over is in jeopardy.

Unless you are a resident of the Netherlands Antilles, remember that you are an "outsider" petitioning a foreign government. The justification you have is that that government has solicited your tourism and you can reasonably expect a certain level of air service commiserate with other major tourist destinations that compete for your time and money.

I do hope that every single person who has been or will be dependent on ALM for service to Bonaire will send a message in the next few days. The timing may not be this appropriate for some time to come.

Charles & Kaye Poteet
Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.


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